OpenVPN Service for Windows

You’ve probably heard of OpenVPN, the open source TLS VPN solution. It’s quite stable and supported on a myriad of platforms, with the most recent additions being Android and Apple iOS. It’s well maintained and well known, easy to configure and work with and it has great community support. I dig it, yeah.

Niston Cloud's OpenVPN Service for Windows

However, when I used it to secure subscriber connections for a wireless ISP, I encountered a major shortcoming of the standard Windows Service supplied by the OpenVPN project: It doesn’t work well for laptops, due to lack of Sleep/Resume support.

To address this shortcoming, I ended up writing my own implementation of an NT Service for OpenVPN. It has proper Sleep/Resume event support, logs to the Windows Event Log, stores tunnel configuration within the Windows Registry and includes a simple administrative GUI for service and tunnel configuration. You can also reuse service and tunnel functionality in your own Microsoft .NET Application, as all core functions are contained within a DLL.

Niston Cloud’s OpenVPN Service for Windows is released under a MIT license and you can download the source code from The Service does NOT include the OpenVPN application! You can obtain this from the OpenVPN community download page.


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