Black Magic Programming

Sometimes you get to write code that just doesn’t make any sense at all. Like this:

// BLACK MAGIC: persuade mono not to crash
var x = Bass.BASS_GetVersion().ToString();

Of course, the variable x will neither be used nor touched anywhere else in code and the whole thing seems rather questionable. But:

Removing it, or placing it elsewhere in the code will reliably make the application crash with an obscure segfault in mono 3.2.3 on ARM Linux – The jargon file’s Story About Magic comes to mind.

Also, presumably the crash happens due to unspecified native library load order differences between .NET and mono – This certainly appears to be the case, from what we gathered by investigating with gdb. But why? I don’t know, and the folks at appear not to, either.

Oh well.  “We don’t know why we have to do this, but it works.” – All hail the art of Black Magic computer programming! My thanks go to the great master of sorcery, Ian Luck of fame, and to Shana and ShawnWhite from for helping me devise this great spell of protection, which essentially ensures that is loaded when we access – even under mono.


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