Hi there!

My name’s Chris and computers have been part of almost all my life. Affected by a slight case of geek syndrome (which made for a quite interesting childhood btw), I discovered a whole new universe during the golden age of the Home Computer mid-80s, making full contact with Commodore BASIC 2.0 on a Commodore 64 and a 1541 Floppy Disk Drive. The rest is history, as they say…

Now part of the Swiss IT industry as federally certified IT specialist (Informatiker EFZ) for more than a decade, I came to enjoy working for a multitude of shops – including two operations of my own. It was my pleasure to serve and cater to many different projects and needs, both big and small. I had the chance to meet and work with all kinds of interesting people during my journey, either as an engineer, consultant or operative.

After having completed higher education as ICT Application Developer EFA in 2015, I found a software engineer’s position with a very interesting telecom infrastructure company, featuring an absolutely great team and situated in an absolutely cool, historical landmark building near Berne, Switzerland. Usual line of work involves lots of business software, mostly server backend things and productivity applications. Occasionally however -and very much so to my personal joy and excitement- it happens that I get to play with really cool hardware, doing software for really cool embedded stuff.

In addition to software development kung-fu under both Windows and UNIX, I do also have a great deal of experience in telecommunication networks. Spanning from your typical mom-n-pop-shop LAN, up to carrier class Metro- and Wide Area Networks employing HA/FT-Strategies and xWDM Backbones – I was involved in designing, building and running such beasts. All highly sought-after specialist knowledge about the inner workings of our global communication infrastructures, which allows me to write better software in today’s all-connected world.

Cherry on top of it all, I have quite-more-than-basic knowledge about electronics and electrical engineering, and can handle a soldering iron pretty darn well for a software boy.

So, read on. I shall embark on various adventures in technology and provide evidence thereof here. I’ll also take the liberty of adding a snippet of this-and-that every now and then, as well as the occasional WTF.

Last but not least, there’s the Publications page on which you’ll find various documents and software published by me.

I hope you enjoy the lecture and pick up something useful around here.


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