Natural Born Expert

Browsing Google News today, I spotted an article on, written by one Mr. Inniger. Mr. Inniger is “responsible for Internet of Things” at Zühlke Engineering AG and concludes his article, claiming “more than seven years of experience with IoT-Solutions” in a multitude of fields and sectors.

Fo’ real, homie?

According to wikipedia, the very term “Internet of Things” was coined back in 1999 by Kevin Ashton; such was the title of a presentation Mr. Ashton held at Procter&Gamble. When Mr. Ashton said IoT back in 1999, he did so referring to a “global network of objects connected to RFID”. Of course, Mr. Ashton’s pre-millennial Internet of Things idea was nothing like what IoT is now. Heck, the Internet was nothing like what it is now, back in ’99. Remember 56k dial-up? Crappy low-res Realplayer porn? The Matrix?

Fast forward to 2009.

It was at this point in time that, Cisco says it believes, IoT as we know it today was “born”. Also at this point in time, Mr. Inniger already had gained -at least according to his claims- experience with IoT solutions in various fields. An absolute necessity, or he couldn’t possibly have had any chance of accumulating those 7+ years of experience in the field, as of today (2016).

In other words, this guy was already an experienced professional in IoT, when the actual field had just recently came to be a thing. Clearly, a natural born expert!

Interestingly, this appears to be the same kind of expert these companies are usually looking for, to fill their purported job vacancies: Academic degree, 20+ years of experience in technology that barely exists for 5 years, fluent in at least 64 programming languages of which two have not been invented yet, at the very least 15 years of experience in at least 12 different DBMS (Relational, Object Oriented and NOSQL), intimate knowledge of (at least) all IBM Mainframes and Mainframe-OSes since 1975, all Unix variants ever known to man, Windows 12, some obscure Middleware nobody but the project lead has ever heard of, plus 10 years of experience in designing flight control systems with the Ada programming language, for a realtime operating system called Deos. While, of course, the actual task at hand will be to install MS Word on a bunch of office computers. And all your qualifications don’t matter, as long as you just hold an academic title. Any academic title.

Talk about a fulfilling and gratifying position. Especially IF you are a top skilled expert in writing flight control software in Ada, for Deos environments.

Blame pseudo-elitist HR policies for such blunder. Religulous belief in academic titles and selection based on dogma does nothing to save you from having bullshit published in the name of your company. What it however does is, it foolheartedly deprives your enterprise from any and all talent not holding an academic degree.

It’s as simple as that.



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