Documents and Software published by Niston Cloud: (2016)
A lightweight OOP GUI system, optimized for touchscreen use. Written in Python.
Source code:

SDD# (2015)
The successor to the SIRP firmware provides an open source firmware platform that allows implementation of Software Defined Devices in C# on .NET/mono enabled platforms. Includes the rewritten Stream One firmware running as an App on top of the SDD# Core.
Project homepage:

SIRP (2014)
The Streaming Internet Radio Project produced an experimental open source firmware for the NISTON Stream One. This is a hardware streaming audio receiver I designed around a Raspberry Pi single board computer and some additional components. SIRP is written in portable C# and runs on both Linux (mono) and Windows (.NET).
Project homepage:

lcdump.exe (2014)
Dumps a screen capture from an MXO GLK19264A LCD display to disk, in a monochrome BMP format. Works on Windows (.NET) and Linux (mono).
Binary download:

TSCrack 2.1.77 – 10th anniversary repack (2013)
Originally published in 2002/2003, TSCrack was a double world’s first. The first public available password auditing tool for Microsoft Windows RDP and probably the world’s first pentest-tool to use artificial intelligence techniques and image recognition for cracking graphical log-on prompts. Repacked for presentation at the Security Chat 2.0 event @ ETH Zurich (May 16th, 2013).
Archive Download (ZIP):

OpenVPN Service for Windows (2013)
A Windows System Service with proper sleep/resume support and more for OpenVPN.
Project Page:

Prepaid Everything (2012)
Whitepaper for a Prepaid-WISP, payment processor and a screen ad company. Written in German. View PDF: trinity-pub

Synecta SecCheck (2003)
A webbased security scanner built around nmap for Windows. Written as a CGI application for Apache2/win32 in VB6. This was the IPA (Final Paper) of my education as Informatiker EFZ. RAR archive contains complete documentation and source code.
Project Documentation (PDF): Projektdokumenation
Example Scan Report (PDF): SecCheck-Testbericht
Project Archive Download (RAR):

nLink/CAP – VB6 Console Applications (2002)
A tool for the VB6 IDE to build win32 console applications with VB6. Full source code, complete with demo application (a win32 implementation of the UNIX uname command).
Project Page:

Windows 2000 IKE DoS advisory (2001)
Bugtraq advisory on the Windows 2000 IKE (Internet Key Exchange) service DoS attack that I discovered in 2001:


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